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Laughing gas sedation

Many people – especially children – have an enormous anxiety for the dentist. To work against this, our dental team in Berlin had thought about something efficient, comfortable and modern: the laughing gas sedation. We, in our practice in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, generally set our focus on the great sensation of our patients – because your opinion and requests are always the most important matter.

The application of a laughing gas sedation, which is also known as minimal sedation or conscious sedation, is mostly for fearful patients, children or for people with a (profoundly) disability. ”Laughing gas” is a nitrous oxide (N2O) – that means a stable colorless and odorless gas – which can be used as an alternative to a narcosis. The oxygen-laughing gas-mixture can be adapted individually to particular patients, and – by correct implementation and in order to other anesthesia – it is not harmful for the human body, too.

Laughing gas has more positive remarkable characteristics: it is anxiolytic, sedative as well as lightly pain-mitigating. Furthermore, the willingness for a treatment will be increased – hence, the existing dental fear will be minimized. The anxiety, tension and the strong indisposition will be replaced by a great feeling of security. Moreover, if you have (heavy) problems with faucial reflexes, our dental surgery in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen will recommend you the laughing gas sedation, because in this context a great reduction of the symptoms is guaranteed.

During the treatment with laughing gas, you will get a small mask for your nose – so you can suitable lean back in your dental chair – and smoothly breathe in and out. Consciousness and essential adverse-effects reflexes are still existent, so that you – and particularly your kids – can react in order to the instructions of the dentist. At the end of your dental treatment you will get pure oxygen (O2) for approximately 3 minutes – so you feel ready and fresh for your day again.

Especially by the treatment with children – our dental surgery in Berlin – concentrate on an overall feelgood factor and a lot of time space. Our pedodontists explain everything verysuitable for kids, and everyone squarely focus on the little ones. Already after a short time, the children can leave – together with their parents – the dental practice.

Of course, additional to the laughing gas sedation, our dental team in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen uses the normal local anesthesia. A laughing gas treatment should not be implemented if you are for example: pregnant (trimester), if you are suffering from chronic-obstructive respiratory disease (COPD), multiple sclerosis (MS), enhanced cerebral pressure, or a strong cold.

For further questions or if you are interested in laughing gas sedation, our dentalteam in Berlin will always help you – or if you like, you can directly arrange an appointment here.